Friday, November 11, 2011


That is how I feel today! After 6 months away Jim has returned home to us. It was an ok 6 months with no major illnesses, or huge dramatic events. So all in all I would say we were ok without him here, but to me having Jim gone is sort of like having an arm missing. He is such an important aspect of what makes our family a family. He supports us, loves us, makes us laugh, wipes our tears, holds tiny hands, loves unconditionally and always knows how to make things better. I didn't think I would cry when he came home. I knew he was coming home safe, there was never any danger of him not (Thank YOU God!). But seeing Colin run up and give his a giant Hug, and having Connor know his Daddy and even give him one of his stingy kisses got me a little choked up, I can't lie. So now he has been home for 2 days, and it is AMAZING! I love waking up and reaching out and knowing he is right there. I love that in the evening when the kids go to bed I am not lonely, I have my best friend to snuggle with and watch a movie. I love that last night he put Connor to bed in his big boy bed, and I didn't have to deal a crying baby.

Over the last 6 months I have built friendships that are deeper then I could have imagined, and seen generosity that knows no bounds. I have been blessed with a group of women who would and have dropped everything for me. They have loved my boys like their own, and literally dropped everything on a moments notice to help me out. This is a rare thing, and if you are fortunate enough to make those kinds of friends hold on tight! They have really and truly gotten me through not one but two deployments. They have volunteered their husbands, invited me over for meals, catered to Connor's illness, and cared for my kids. All without a single expectation, for this I can never repay them.  Amanda, Jenna andSam, thank you!

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